Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd

Brian Oliver

Disguised as Robin Oakapple, Ruthven the rightful baronet is free to pursue a normal life away from crime.

Recently Brian has been trying to have clear out. The world of amateur theatre is a wonderful hobby where you can make lots of friendships and have lots of happy memories. Unfortunately there is one big downfall. You start collecting things. His loft and garage will bear witness to this. He has enough music to stock a shop. Costumes. Hats, Wigs, shoes, makeup, old programmes, and a vast array of junk that might be useful to use on stage. After nearly forty years there is quite a collection. No matter how hard he tries, very rarely does he manage to throw anything away. Why? Because each and every Item holds a memory of a previous production. Chef’s hat, Waltzes’ from Vienna 1983.  Thick brown tights: Vagabond King 1984. Ring: Rose Marie 1987.  Pink wig and silver jacket: Best Little Whore house in Texas 1990.  Sequin jacket: La Cage Aux Folles 1991&92.  Mugs and tankards: Princes Ida.  Spanish style dresses: Cinderella 2010.   Kilt and rocking chair: Pirates of Penzance 2016. Lot of photographs of other cast members, some of the names are long forgotten. The list could go on and on. 38 years’ worth of fantastic memories and that is why he is still performing, trying to spread a little happiness to others.   “The smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd”