Sir Roderic Murgatroyd

Dennis Osment

The twenty-first baronet of Ruddigore.

This is Dennis’s first principal part with Christchurch G and S society, but not his first leading role in Gilbert and Sullivan, as in previous societies he has played leads in all but one of the operettas.

His singing career started at the age of four in his native South Wales, when he was made to stand on a chair and sing “Gentle Jesus meek and mild, look upon a little child”.  The next line is ”pity my simplicity” but, in his version, it came out as “pretty mice in Plicity” , presumably a place outside South Wales, still to be visited. His singing career progressed from here.

In more recent years he has taken lead parts in more than forty musicals, mainly in the Oxford/Berkshire area.  On moving to Dorset seven years ago, he entered the Bournemouth Music Festival and won the title” Bournemouth Singer of the Year 2011”

He hopes that his part of the ghost of Sir Roderic will not frighten the children or the elderly, because he turns out to be a kindly person in the end.

Just you wait and see.