The Mikado

Mark Ward

The Big Cheese

Mark got his first taste of performing at the tender age of fourteen, back in 1961, where he had to hold up “Hiss” and “Boo” cards to prompt the audience during Murder In The Red Barn. He later found his way properly onto the stage and, at the age of sixteen, played his first G&S role as the Sgt of Police. In the years since then he has played countless roles in amateur productions up and down the country: plays, reviews, musicals, operettas, pantomimes, concerts – he’ll have a go at anything.

Having now reached the age where he can now get concessions at the box office, this will be his sixth production of The Mikado, and his third with Christchurch G&S. However, this is his first time as The Mikado himself, having played Pooh-Bah four  times previously and Ko-Ko the last time with CGS. He relishes the challenge of this new role but wishes it were as easy to learn lines and music as it was forty-plus years ago! Despite this, Mark still finds acting and singing a great hobby and the thrill of walking out onto the stage to perform in a principal role still hasn’t faded. Long may that continue.